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How Many Watts Does a Rice Cooker Use? Really?

How Many Watts Does a Rice Cooker Use? Really?

Conventional rice cookers will use between 200 and 800 watts of energy, depending on their size.

A rice cooker consumes about 50 watts of electricity, the lowest at 30 watts, in warm mode. In comparison, they use about as much wattage as a curling iron, or microwave oven, on the high end.

A rice cooker will use about the same energy as cooking on the range top. However, it is more convenient and does not require your attention.

It is also foolproof, whereas cooking a pot of rice on the stovetop can be tricky even for a professional.

A rice cooker’s beauty lies in the fact that you can cook more than rice in it. It can be used much like a slow cooker to cook stews and soups, barley, or quinoa when you are not cooking rice.

As a kitchen appliance, a rice cooker is very versatile. To learn how many watts a rice cooker uses, read on!


How Many Watts Does a Rice Cooker Use?

In cooking mode, a rice cooker uses 200-800 watts of electricity, depending on its size. In warming mode, your rice cooker will use between 30 and 50 watts of electricity. Used to cook rice and other dishes, they are no more expensive to operate than a range top eye and can be left unattended.


Rice Cookers Use the Most Wattage When They are Cooking

As do most appliances, a rice cooker uses the most energy when cooking your rice. However, after the rice is cooked and the unit goes into warming mode, the power necessary to keep the rice warm is low.

Measuring the amount of energy your rice cooker uses is possible if you know the unit’s wattage and the cost per kilowatt-hour of your electricity.

All things being equal, cooking rice on the range top or in your cooker will cost about the same, energy-wise. For example, a small range eye uses about 1200 watts of power on its highest setting.

How Many Watts Does a Rice Cooker Use? A Rice cooker consumes the most energy when cooking rice

However, the cost here is not much of a factor compared with convenience. If you have ever forgotten a pot of rice on the stovetop, you should understand.

Rice cookers have timers and quit their cooking cycle at a predetermined time. Once the cooking process is finished, the unit will switch settings and keep your rice warm until ready for use.

Most rice cookers also offer a steamer basket to steam vegetables or meats.

So, like a crock-pot, you can use a rice cooker for cooking an entire meal, then keep it warm until you get hungry. Or, you can use it for cooking a few cups of rice to have later.


Rice Cookers Use Only a Small Amount of Wattage When in Warming Mode

Once a rice cooker finishes cooking, it turns itself to warm mode. On this setting on your rice cooker, it uses between 30 and 50 watts, which is less than most lightbulbs.

As you see, from a power usage standpoint, the amount of power used by rice cookers is equal to or less than cooking rice on the small eye of a range top.

If you don’t have a range, you can use a rice pot for cooking more than rice.

Rice pots are versatile kitchen appliances. They are safe to use, and with a rice pot, you won’t need to worry about a mess, only your stovetop.

The convenience of setting up rice to cook and then walking away makes it the perfect appliance. Try that with a pot of rice on the top of the range, and you will come back to a mess.


What Else Can A Rice Cooker Cook?

Most of the rice cookers in the market nowadays are equipped with a steamer basket above the rice.

While cooking your rice, you can place veggies, shrimp, fish, chicken, or any other foods you would like steamed in the basket.

You can also cook meat, vegetables, fish, and other food in the rice cooker.

Of course, most recipes that make your rice and steam other items will not stay fresh as long in your pot as rice alone.

Because, even at holding temperatures of 140 to 145 degrees Fahrenheit, your meat and vegetables will continue to cook.

However, if you want the best-steamed shrimp and veggies you have ever had, try a rice pot recipe and enjoy how easy it is to get great food.

A few recipes do not use rice in your rice pot. Once you have purchased one and learn to appreciate its convenience, you will look forward to new rice pot recipes.


Frequently Asked Questions about How Many Watts a Rice Cooker Uses


Are rice cookers safe to leave on when you are not at home?

Once a rice cooker reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit, they turn themselves off.


Do rice cookers come in different sizes?

The smallest rice cooker will make about three cups of rice. However, commercial rice cookers can make up to 60 cups and keep the rice warm for serving.


How long will my rice cooker keep my rice warm?

After keeping rice warm for about six hours, it quickly loses its quality.


Rice Cookers Gives You Perfect Rice Every Time!

It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the single-purpose appliances you can purchase. Finding a device that does more than one thing at a time and does it well can also be a challenge.

However, rice cookers have been around a long time. Rice cookers are not a new gimmick.

Cooking rice and steamed vegetables or meat simultaneously on the same appliance is handy and clever.

The best thing about a rice cooker is the ability to throw rice and water in your pot, turn it on, and walk away. Viola!! Half of your next meal is finished, and you can go about doing the things you need to do.

Safety in the kitchen is always a concern, and an appliance that can be left unattended is excellent. That it will cook dinner in your absence is even better.

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