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Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself? — The Answer!

Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself? — The Answer!

Have you had the experience of talking on your phone — only to have it mysteriously disconnect, mid-call.

These are referred to as ‘phone hangs’ and they can be inconvenient and problematic in many circumstances.

To discover more about these phone hangs, read on.


Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself?

One reason why the phone hangs up by itself is overheating, either internally or externally, which can make the phone automatically restart, losing your call in the process. Some other reasons for phone hangs include low ram, outdated software, or a virus that is affecting your smartphone.

Does your phone hang up by itself? There are good reasons — keep reading to learn more!


Phone Hangs

It is frustrating to get disconnected in the middle of a call — especially due to phone hangs.

Fortunately, there are some simple and common reasons why your phone may be hanging up by itself when you are using your device.



Using several apps on phones without a lot of RAM can result in phone hangs over time.


Low Storage

Low phone storage can cause phone hangs
Why Does My Phone Hang Up By Itself? – Low phone storage can cause phone hangs

How is your phone’s storage?

You can use up a lot of memory with data like photos, videos, and games on your phone.

When your phone’s storage is running low, you will likely experience phone hangs.


Malware and Viruses

Malware and viruses can also cause phone hangs
Malware and viruses can also cause phone hangs

Malware and viruses are harmful to your device, and they can cause phone hangs, too.



Heat is not a friend of technological devices. Using the phone continuously for prolonged periods can cause it to overheat internally, causing phone hangs.

Also, keeping the phone in a warm location, like in your car in warm weather, can also cause phone hangs.


Outdated Software

Outdated phone software can lead to phone hangs
Outdated phone software can lead to phone hangs

Did you update your software lately? If you ignore warnings or reminders, you may experience phone hangs.

System updates may help stop your phone from hanging up by itself, and other weird glitches.


Fix Phone Hangs

Fortunately, there are a few steps that you can take to get rid of phone hangs — or at the very least, troubleshoot what the issue might be.

Some ways to resolve common causes of phone hanging include the following tips!


Clear the Data

Clear the data on your phone and see if that resolves the phone hangs. It may be as simple as that!

Go into the settings to clear the recent data.


Uninstall Apps

If you download apps outside of your phone’s own app store, they could contain viruses that are impacting the phone and causing hang-ups.

Uninstall suspicious apps and be wary of these in the future.


Use Antivirus Programs

Could your phone have a virus?

Visit the app store on your distinct phone and search for an antivirus to download and see if that resolves your phone hanging issues.


Avoid Prolonged Streaming

When you stream for a prolonged period of time on your phone, this uses a lot of RAM — which can lead to phone hangs.

Doing this often impacts your phone’s overall performance and longevity.

Use a different device for your games and videos if you find that your phone doesn’t have enough RAM already.


Update Software

When you fail to update apps or software, the phone is vulnerable to phone hangs. Make sure to update and download these versions consistently for best performance.

Try downloading and installing system updates to see if that solves the issue.


Save Space

Conserve space on your phone by deleting files and apps that are irrelevant or that you simply do not use.

This added storage space can help the device operate more efficiently and smoothly — hopefully resolving the phone hang issue.


Get More Storage

Perhaps the reason why your phone keeps hanging up on you is that it needs more storage.

If you think you need more storage space for files on your phone, you can try deleting those files that you do not use — or you can save these files on a separate SD card for future use.


Reset the Phone

As a last resort, try resetting the phone and returning it to factory settings that were installed when you first purchased the phone.

This is called ‘factory reset’ and it should resolve problems related to the phone’s software or apps.

Make sure that you backup anything important as restoring factory settings will delete all the files currently on your device.


Frequently Asked Questions about Why My Phone Hang Up By Itself


Is it normal for a mobile phone to hang?

It is perfectly normal to experience phone hangs occasionally. If it happens often, consider the possible causes or take your phone to the carrier for more information and resolution.


Why does my Samsung phone hang up consistenly?

Some of the most common reasons for a Samsung experiencing phone hangs include signal issues, too many apps, damage to the phone, moisture, or an improperly inserted SIM card.


Why does an iPhone hang when apps are opened?

iPhones typically hang up on calls by itself when they run low on ram. Advanced apps for the Apple products can cause lags and phone hangs. Back up your apps and delete what you don’t use to help the situation.


How to fix a hanging phone?

Depending on the root cause of your phone hangs, you can fix the problem by visiting your carrier for service on the phone. You might try deleting unused apps to increase storage and restarting the device.


In Conclusion

Does your phone hang up by itself during a call? This is called a phone hang, and it can be a real pain!

Consider these causes of phone hanging, as well as tips to solve the problem.

Visit your phone’s carrier for service or to glean more information regarding your distinct smartphone.

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