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How to Change Time on a Samsung Microwave — It’s That Simple!

How to Change Time on a Samsung Microwave — It’s That Simple!

You have certainly experienced a situation where the power goes out or your microwave is unplugged — and the clock needs to be changed.

Changing the time on a microwave can be tricky and not always as simple as one might hope.

Fortunately, if you own a Samsung microwave, the process is less complicated and not at all painful.

Puzzled about changing the time on your microwave oven? Better read on to learn more!

How to Change Time on Samsung Microwave

To set the clock or change the time on a Samsung microwave press the ‘clock’ button to change the display to the correct time. Then press select to finalize your choice. The clock may need to be set after a power outage or if the unit becomes disconnected from a power source.


Time Display on a Samsung Microwave Oven

You may not even realize how frequently you look to the microwave’s display for the accurate time.

It may become as instinctual as eating or drinking.

A microwave is an excellent resource for the correct time — especially if your phone is out of reach.

Know that microwave ovens are not generally programmed to automatically adapt to daylight savings time.

This may be another instance when you need to manually alter and change the time on the microwave’s clock display.

Don’t worry — it only takes a minute to do!


Changing the Time on Samsung Microwave Ovens

You should know that microwave ovens manufactured by Samsung come programmed with a clock when purchased.

When you first plug-in or install the oven, you will need to reset the clock display so that it reads the correct time.

This clock is what will illuminate when the oven is not in use — and it can be a valuable resource for finding out what time it is at home that you will look to again and again.

Samsung microwaves are programmable by pressing the ‘clock’ button first.

After pressing this button, set the hours — one to twelve is for morning while 13 through the 24th hour pertain to evening hours.

Turn the knob until you come up with the right time and reading, and then press ‘select’ to finalize your choice.

Finalize may be a bit strong of a word, as it is so easy to change and adjust the time on a Samsung microwave as needed.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Change Time on Samsung Microwave


How do you set the time settings on a Samsung brand microwave?

Samsung Microwave ovens have built-in clocks that will flash when unplugged or disconnected from power. To set the time on your Samsung microwave, press ‘clock’ and then press the numbers for the appropriate time. Finish by pressing the select’’ button last.


How do you set the time on a Panasonic brand microwave?

To set the time on a Panasonic microwave, press the timer/clock button twice in a row. Next, press the numeric keypad until you reach your desired hour and minutes.


How do you change the Samsung phone’s time settings?

To change a Samsung phone’s time settings, visit the ‘systems’ page. Touch the date and time and then gently press the automatic date and time option to automatically default to the current date and time. If you double-tap this icon, you’ll disable the auto feature and be able to manually input the date and time.


What is the best microwave to buy?

If you are shopping for a microwave to buy, the best option depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle. Samsung products are reliable, reputable, and affordable, according to consumer reviews. Consider the features that are most important to you before shopping to find the best choice.


How is the microwave oven’s clock impacted by daylight savings time?

The microwave oven’s clock will not automatically adapt or change to daylight savings time, so you will need to go in and manually change the clock’s display of the time.


How long does resetting a Samsung microwave clock take?

It takes a matter of minutes, moments really, to change and reset the time on the Samsung microwave oven clock. It takes more time to find the directions to do it than it actually involves, so periodically change and practice so that it becomes second nature to change or set the clock.


When should you replace your microwave?

When your microwave fails to heat properly, it is time to replace the unit. Try a test — cook a cup of water on high for a couple minutes- is it steaming hot? If not, replace the microwave. Also, if the oven is nearing nine years old, it could be time for a new one.


How long does a microwave take to cook a recipe?

Naturally, the time it takes for a microwave to cook a recipe depends on what you are cooking — but generally microwave cooking reduces conventional cooking time by one-fourth. Want something faster? Consider investing in an insta-pot.


How long does a microwave oven last?

Usually, a brand-name microwave will last up to nine years with regular use.



Use these tips to change the time and set the clock on your Samsung microwave.

This is not difficult to do, but these simple steps make it even easier to set the clock after a power outage or if the unit is unplugged.

Consult with the microwave’s owner manual for more information pertaining to your specific brand and model.

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