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How to Level a Samsung Refrigerator? Aha, Now I Know!

How to Level a Samsung Refrigerator? Aha, Now I Know!

Leveling a refrigerator is key to maintaining and optimizing its performance.

Did you know that when a fridge is not level, it can make noises, change temperature, and stop working?

Don’t run the risk of an issue- make sure to level your refrigerator and keep it level.

Got a Samsung refrigerator? Keep reading and learn more about keeping it level!


How to Level a Samsung Refrigerator?

It is easy to level your Samsung refrigerator- and it is an important thing to do, too. First, locate where the refrigerator’s leveling legs are- found them? Adjust them so that the fridge fits evenly and is level on the floor’s surface. Make slight adjustments as needed and periodically check how level the legs are.


Leveling a Samsung Refrigerator

So, what is all the commotion about leveling a Samsung refrigerator? Is it really that important?

The short answer is ‘yes, it is important in maintaining the performance and longevity of your refrigerator.

A new fridge is an investment — with care, it can last for 10 years!

When a refrigerator is not level, you are setting it up for common issues that can shorten its lifespan.

Be prudent with your money and take care of your fridge.

It is not difficult to level a fridge, but it requires some preparation and a few basic tools.

Here’s what you need to know when leveling your Samsung refrigerator!

  • First, prepare the tools for the job. This includes a carpenter’s level and a couple of screwdrivers. You will need a flat-head screwdriver to adjust the leveling legs and a Phillips screwdriver for the kickplate, if applicable.
  • Find the leveling legs. These are located near the front caster wheels of the fridge, underneath the front of the unit. It may be easier to access the leveling legs if you open the doors to the fridge first.
  • Use your Phillips screwdriver to loosen the screws and remove the plate over the front legs, if this applies.
  • Use your flat-head screwdriver to pull the leveling leg out at each notch. Turn and rotate with the screwdriver until you are happy with the height of the leg.
  • Check your work and the leveling of the fridge using a carpenter’s level. It is important that the refrigerator is level from side to side, and a bit angled from its back to the front. If the doors seem off-kilter after you level the legs, you can adjust those separately later-on.
  • Got an issue with the fridge door staying closed? You can adjust the refrigerator leveling legs so that the fridge is slanted backwards slightly, which will help keep the door closed.
  • Make sure that through adjusting the leveling legs, the castor wheels are up and off the floor.


Problems with an Unlevel Refrigerator

The basic issue with a refrigerator that is not level is that water is not able to flow freely through coils and drains, as it should.

When the fridge is not level, it typically begins to make a louder-than-usual noise, which should point toward an issue.

It may also result in water puddles around the refrigerator.

Anytime there is an issue with your fridge making noise or spilling water, check the leveling legs underneath the fridge to make sure that an adjustment is not needed.

Just as houses settle and floors shift, refrigerators may need their leveling tweaked from time to time.

It is an easy fix that you can do with the aid of an online tutorial or website instructions.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Level a Samsung Refrigerator


What are common issues with a Samsung refrigerator?

Some common issues associated with Samsung refrigerators include them not cooling or defrosting properly. Another problem relates to the ice makers not working. Freezing of food and leaking of water are other common complaints among refrigerator owners widely.


How should a refrigerator be level?

It is necessary for a refrigerator to be level from one side to the other, but the front of the unit should be slightly higher than the back. This allows doors to close and water to flow properly. Check your owner’s manual and manufacturer recommendations to learn more.


Why does a Samsung refrigerator keep freezing food?

A faulty coil or thermostat could be the reason why your Samsung refrigerator freezes food items. Another culprit could be the defrost timer. Consult with the manufacturer’s website to learn more.


Is a Samsung or LG refrigerator better?

Your personal preference may influence you when determining if Samsung or LG brand refrigerators are better. LG is lauded for storage capacity and added features, but Samsung is touted for better value and longevity.


Why is a Samsung refrigerator running loud?

It is normal for a Samsung refrigerator to hum when in use, as it is the compressor working inside the fridge. However, excessively loud noise could indicate that the refrigerator is not level and needs to be adjusted accordingly.


Why is a Samsung refrigerator leaking water?

Any refrigerator will leak water if the internal drain is blocked. If you notice water in or around your fridge, first check the defrost drain to make sure it is not clogged with debris, food, or dirt. Plus, keeping this drain clear and clean can help your fridge work more efficiently and effectively.



Per what you’ve read above, it is important to level and maintain your refrigerator.

An unlevel fridge can cause all kinds of problems that put the device — and all your food inside — at risk.

Use these tips well while ensuring that your fridge’s level all the time.

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