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How to Clean a Logitech Trackball Mouse the Pro Way!

How to Clean a Logitech Trackball Mouse the Pro Way!

Do you still use a computer mouse?

The trackball pointing device makes it quick and easy to navigate the screen and work on the computer, but it brings up the need to periodically clean your mouse.

The trackball contains a ball and socket that rotates and moves intuitively across the screen.

Users typically engage a form that involves the thumb, fingers, and palm to control the mouse.

As such, it is not surprising that the trackball can attract dust, debris, and pet hair, making it less responsive during use.

Need to clean your trackball mouse? Keep reading to learn more!

How to Clean a Logitech Trackball Mouse?

Simply pop the ball out of the mouse, wipe it with a soft, lint-free cloth, swab points of contact with some water and mild detergent, as needed. Use a quick spritz of canned air to blow out any dust, pet hair, or debris that could interfere with the trackball’s function.

Cleaning a Computer Mouse

Always disconnect your mouse before wiping and cleaning it. Unplug it from the computer.

If it is cordless, make sure that it is turned off before starting.

Cleaning your computer mouse starts with wiping down the exterior gently with a soft, damp cloth.

This can have a bit of dishwashing detergent on it, but nothing too harsh.

Pay attention to the areas where your fingers touch the mouse most often and wipe them down well.

Cleaning the Trackball

Again, make sure that the trackball and mouse have been disconnected from the computer and energy source.

This could be dangerous, so double-check to ensure the mouse is disconnected.

Next, wipe the bottom place surrounding the trackball cavity to remove dirt and dust.

Slide the cover to the trackball open, according to the type of mouse that you are working with. Most slide and then pull off the mouse, exposing the trackball underneath.

Gently remove the trackball and wipe it down with a soft, clean cloth. Gently blow or spray canned air into the trackball cavity to remove dust or debris.

You can wipe the adjoining sections and parts with a cotton swab that has been dampened with a little bit of rubbing alcohol.

Pay attention to the lens and do not let the compartment get wet. Use a dry swab after cleaning with alcohol to ensure it is fully dry.

It merits repeating that you should be careful when handling and removing the trackball from your mouse.

Do not drop it or you may find that it does not work properly afterward.

Set it carefully off to the side when cleaning out the trackball compartment and make sure the cover is securely in place before turning it over or the ball could fall out.

Once the trackball is securely in place and the cover is tightly closed, restore power to your mouse through the computer or laptop.

Try it. Does the mouse seem more responsive?

In some cases, simply cleaning the trackball can make a world of difference in how the computer performs.

When trackballs are dirty and dusty, they can make the system work erratically, often acting like the computer has a virus.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Clean a Logitech Trackball Mouse

Why do you clean a Logitech trackball?

When you use your computer mouse, all the oils and dirt on your fingers are transferred to the trackball. This makes it a magnet for hair, dust, dirt, and debris, which can make it work weirdly. It may seem like your mouse has a mind of its own- this could mean it is time to clean the trackball.

How do you get the trackball out of the computer mouse?

You can find an access hole on the computer mouse’s underside. Pop off the cover housing the trackball. Usually, this slides open and then pulls away easily. Pop out the ball but be careful not to drop it as it is a sensitive piece of your computer mouse. Dropping it risks damaging it.

How do you lube the trackball?

When you lube the trackball, it helps it glide and move easier. Remove the ball and then roll it around in your hands. Try moving it on your face and forehead. The natural oils on your skin will lube the trackball adequately. But, be sure that your hands and face are clean so as not to transfer dirt and grime to the trackball.

How should you clean a Logitech mouse?

Use a damp, soft cloth to gently wipe the mouse and its components. Use this same cloth to gingerly wipe the trackball, too. Replace your mousepad from time to time to also keep the mouse clean and working properly, as these pads lose their effective surfacing over time.

How does a Logitech trackball work?

Trackballs are much easier for the user than an older style of mouse. This takes considerable pressure off the hands and wrist, which makes the trackball mouse ergonomically friendly. Using a mouse is also reported to improve posture over time.



The trackball inside your computer mouse can be a magnet for dust, dirt, and debris.

Clear it out periodically by removing the trackball and wiping it clean.

Blow out the compartment that the trackball resides in with canned air, or simply swab the points of contact with a damp Q-tip and some mild dishwashing soap if needed.

Keeping it clean prevents odd behaviors and responses from the mouse when working on your computer.

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