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How to Put Stickers on a Macbook — Interesting!

How to Put Stickers on a Macbook — Interesting!

Want an easy way to make your MacBook distinctive?

Stickers and decals are a simple and satisfying way to make your Macbook unique.

Plus, this gives you a great way to show off and use some cool vinyl stickers that are so easy to make on a Cricut machine.

Give your MacBook — or PC — a personal touch and a bit of flair with some stickers, decals, or skins.

Want to give your MacBook some personality with stickers and decals? Learn how below!

How to Put Stickers on MacBook

Before applying stickers, ensure the surface you intend to embellish is dry and clean. After sticking the decal to your MacBook, gently but firmly press the back of the sticker with a squeegee or your finger to reinforce adhesion. Focus pressure on the edges to prevent peeling or rolling later.

Applying Stickers to a MacBook

Putting stickers on your laptop or MacBook is not difficult, but there are some things to know and do to prevent them from peeling or coming off later.

First, ensure you’re working on a clean, dry, and flat surface. After all, you don’t want pet hair or debris sticking to your decal, too.

For good measure, work with clean, dry hands to rid them of natural oils that could later interfere.

Next, prepare your MacBook by wiping it down with a moist cloth and then allowing it to dry completely.

A clean surface is the only way a sticker or decal will adhere for any length of time.

If you are buying a licensed MacBook decal, there will be specific instructions for the application attached to the sticker, so follow these directions.

Generally, the application involves using a layer of transfer tape and backing paper to rub and reinforce the decal on the surface of your laptop.

Choose your position carefully before removing the backing from a sticker or decal. Make sure you’ll be happy with the alignment later.

Press or squeegee the decal from the center working out, to smooth and adhere it to your MacBook.

If working with a decal that is secured to transfer tape, this is the time to remove it.

Transfer tape is used with decals and stickers made by Cricut machines.

If you do decide later that you don’t like the looks or placement of your sticker, it can be removed.

This is another point why thinking through the sticker or decal’s alignment and positioning are important before sticking the decal to your laptop.

However, if you do choose to remove it, turn off the computer and let it cool down before picking, peeling, and removing stickers.

More on removing stickers later!

Placement of Stickers on MacBook

Placement of stickers is important. While your surface is much smaller and simpler, the same basics as applying a wall decal are at work here, but on a smaller scale.

Placement and positioning are everything.

Try to keep stickers and decals on the outer clamshell surface of your MacBook, which is away from keys and that won’t obstruct your view of the screen.

Also, this outer shell is a good, flat surface for the stickers to adhere to while also getting maximum exposure.

If there are flat surfaces below the keyboard or off to the sides, there are also fine spots for stickers and decals.

This is a more subtle and discreet way to display your stickers. Avoid putting stickers on the screen or mousepad.

Removing Stickers from MacBook

Removing stickers is not a big problem when they adhere to the places mentioned here.

If you regret sticking a decal on your expensive MacBook, don’t worry — it can be removed without a trace.

Break down the glue, if necessary, with a commercial product that removes goo and glue.

For vinyl or plastic decals, try to scrape and peel the corners away from the MacBook surface first.

Next, rub the remaining sticker and surrounding sticky residue with rubbing alcohol applied with a cotton ball or swab.

This should remove the adhesive cleanly.

Frequently Asked Questions about How to Put Stickers on Macbook

Why do you use laptop skins?

Laptop skins are used to prevent scratches on the outer clamshell of the computer. These are also used to add a decorative and custom appearance to a laptop. Skins can be used to cover the exterior of the laptop in its entirety- or they can just cover a portion of the clamshell cover.

What sticker types can you put on your laptop?

Consider higher quality stickers and decals that are made of plastic or vinyl for your laptop or MacBook. Cheaper stickers are actually made of paper and vulnerable to moisture, so they don’t have much longevity. They can peel and fall apart over time and you don’t want those particles inside the computer keys.

Can you remove stickers from a laptop?

You can remove stickers by patiently peeling the paper or plastic away, and then wiping away any residue with rubbing alcohol. Never use petroleum-based products on your computer, such as WD-40. Removing stickers from the outside shell of a laptop is not typically difficult to do.



Got a MacBook? Make it stand apart from all others with your own stickers, decals, or skins — plus, these can help prevent scratches and serve as protection for your MacBook case.

Use these tips to properly apply- and remove- stickers from your MacBook or laptop!

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