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3 Tips How to Turn on Bose Cinemate Without Remote Control

3 Tips How to Turn on Bose Cinemate Without Remote Control

When it comes to the design of Bose Cinemate speakers, they do not have a power button to turn on and off your speaker.

Because of this, to operate your speakers, they need to be turned on by a remote or a connected system.

There are a few different ways that you can operate your Bose system if you run into issues with your remote, lose your remote, or simply want to pair it with your smart household.


How to Turn on Bose Cinemate Without Remote Control

Bose Cinemate is designed to be turned on with a remote. But, if you lost your original Bose Cinemate remote, you can program a universal remote. Your Bose Cinemate can also be programmed to pair with the external devices that you use to turn on and off your electronics or lights.


Using Bluetooth Connectivity to Operate Your Bose Cinemate

If you’re like me and you like to operate all of your electronics with ease, by use of the Bose Skill and Bose SoundTouch Control Skill, you can turn on and operate your Cinemate through the use of a smart system like Alexa or Google.

Before connecting to your Bose Cinemate, first, make sure you set through your Bose app that your Cinnamate (or Cinimates if you have multiple) have simple names.

I like to name mine ‘living room speaker’. This way, there’s no confusion about which one you’re accessing.

To pair your Bose Cinemate to either your Alexa or Google system, you need to go through the specific app.

Connect your Bose CineMate through Bluetooth Connectivity to Alexa or Google System
Connect your Bose CineMate through Bluetooth Connectivity to Alexa or Google System

With Alexa, for example, under the menu section, select Skills. This will prompt you to search, enter Bose into the search bar and select your device and come up selecting Enable.

Go back to your Bose app where you will be greeted with a message about connecting. Hit Done and your devices will now be synced.


Set Your Bose Cinemate to Auto-Wake

One way to have your Bose Cinemate system tun on without a remote is by utilizing the auto-wake on or off.

With this function, your Bose Cinemate will turn on once it detects that there is sound.

One great thing about using this method to turn on and off your Bose Cinemate without a remote is that the power will automatically turn itself off.

If there is no sound present, then your Bose Cinemate will turn off after 20 minutes of inactivity.


Use a Universal Remote on Your Bose Cinemate

Use a Universal Remote on Your Bose Cinemate
Use a Universal Remote on Your Bose Cinemate

If you want to still operate your Bose Cinemate with a remote, but prefer not to use the original remote that comes with it, the good news is that Bose Cinemate is compatible with many types of universal remotes.

What more, you can operate multiple devices with one remote. It’s easier to keep track of one remote rather than having to shift through a jumble of them to find the right one.

Pairing a universal remote is simple. Firstly, press and hold the TV button on your Bose remote until you see the light on the front begin to blink three times, then turn white.

On your Bose remote, press Volume Up. Then, on the universal remote, press the volume up button until you hear a noise from your speaker.

You will know if the remote is programmed for that particular command successfully.

To program all the command buttons that you would use for your Bose Cinemate, repeat these steps, but alternatively hold program the volume down and mute button.


Troubleshooting Your Bose Cinemate

If your problem is that you are trying to use your Bose Cinemate remote and it simply won’t work, I have a few troubleshooting steps that I will turn to.

First, make sure that you plug your Bose Cinemate into a working outlet. If your Bose Cinemate is plugged into a surge protector, you might need to replace that.

Also, restart your Bose Cinemate. Unplug it first for about 60 seconds before plugging it back to the power source.

Next, check your Bose Cinemate remote itself. Batteries wear out quickly over time, replace the batteries and try to turn on your Bose Cinemate.

If you have other Bose speakers, attempt to use your remote on those to see if the remote is working at all.


Frequently Asked Questions About How to Turn on a Bose Cinemate Without Remote Control


Is there an actual power button on my Bose Cinemate? If so, where is it located?

Your Bose Cinemate does not have a power button. The way that Cinemate is designed, it only works with a remote or an alternative method of powering, such as Bluetooth or HDMI connectivity.


Can I control my Bose Cinemate through my TV?

If you connect your Bose Cinemate by using an HDMI arc, you can control the volume through your TV. You can also set your Bose Cinemate to be in auto-wake as well. This means that as soon as you turn on your TV and there is volume present, your Bose Cinemate will automatically turn on.

Conclusion About How to Turn on a Bose Cinemate Without Remote Control

Your Bose Cinemate is designed to operate solely upon remote connection to turn it on and off. However, you can purchase a Bluetooth add-on that allows you to pair it with connected devices.

You can also use alternative remotes. It does not have to be a Bose Cinemate remote. You can use a universal remote and program it to operate successfully with your Bose Cinemate.

If you are having issues with your Bose Cinemate remote, there could be some issues with your remote or it may need to be reprogrammed.

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