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How to Reset a Bose Speaker — What a Lifesaver!

How to Reset a Bose Speaker — What a Lifesaver!

I’ve discovered that it’s always helpful to know how to reset an electronic device.

Whether you need to reset the factory settings to sell it or simply reboot the device, it is crucial to understand how to do this. If you own a Bose speaker, here is how to reset your device.


How to Reset a Bose Speaker

To reset your Bose Speaker, you will need to hold down specific buttons on the speaker for 10 to 15 seconds. The buttons you press and hold to reset your Bose device depend on the model. Generally, the power button, mute button, aux button, or volume buttons are involved.


Why Reset My Bose Speaker

I find that it is beneficial to know how to reset electronic devices. Sometimes, devices slip up, catch a bug, or simply don’t work correctly.

Yet, the first thing a tech helper will ask you to do is reset the device.

I have a buddy who works in tech support for an electronics company, and I asked him how often the solution to the customer’s problems is resetting the device.

He rolled his eyes and told me, ‘More often than you think.’

So, I have found that being able to reset my own devices is a great test to find out whether my device is genuinely in need of tech support.

And, more often than not, the reset does the trick.


Resetting Specific Products

As I mentioned before, the method of resetting your device depends on which Bose device you have.

This section will lay out the resetting process for some of the most popular Bose speakers.


SoundLink Color Bluetooth® Speaker II

To reset this product, simply tap its power button for 10 seconds. The Bluetooth® light will blink, and then select a language.


SoundLink Micro Bluetooth® Speaker

This speaker also requires that you press for 10 seconds on the power button.

The light will flash, and you’ll be asked to select a language.


SoundLink Color Bluetooth® Speaker

For this speaker, press the AUX and the Volume buttons simultaneously for 15 seconds.

When the reset is successful, you will hear a tone from the speaker.


SoundLink® Wireless Mobile Speaker

This speaker’s an older model that Bose no longer produces. When this speaker is reset, the settings will stay the same.

To reset this speaker, hold the Mute button for roughly 10 seconds. The lights will flash when successful.

It would be best if you powered off the speaker after the reset.


Bose Smart Speaker 500

This speaker can be connected to Alexa or the Google Assistant and is somewhat more difficult to reset or restore to factory settings.

To reset this device, turn it off and then unplug it for roughly 30 seconds.

This will help with minor errors, and it won’t change any of the existing settings.

To restore the factory settings, first, you must remove the device from your Amazon or Google accounts if a voice assistant has been connected.

You must also remove this device from your Bose account.

After removing the device from your accounts, you can hold both the Volume Down and AUX buttons for 10 seconds.

The speaker will then reboot.


Bose Smart Soundbar 900

This product is new and can be linked with a voice assistant. Therefore, there are different processes to reset the device and restore factory settings.

To reset this soundbar, turn it off and disconnect it from any other speakers. Unplug the device for 30 seconds before you plug it back in.

Then wait for another 30 seconds before reconnecting to other devices.

To restore factory settings, you must remove the soundbar from your voice assistant and Bose accounts.

Then, hold the Skip Forward button and the Power button on the remote for roughly 5 seconds. This will reboot the product.


SoundTouch 10 Wireless Speaker

To reset this speaker, turn the power off and unplug the speaker for 30 seconds.

To restore the factory settings, turn on the power and hold the Volume Down button and the 1 button for 10 seconds.

You’ll then see the lights blink, and the device will reboot.


Bose TV Speaker

To reset this speaker, you simply unplug the device for approximately 1 minute.

Then plug the device back in, and the reset will be complete.


How Reset and Restoring Factory Settings Differ

Now, there is a big difference between resetting your device and restoring the factory settings.

A reset is generally a much quicker fix that takes care of minor bugs or performance issues.

Restoring the factory settings wipes out all existing data and reboots the device as if it just came out of the box.

A reset generally maintains your device’s settings, while restoring the factory settings usually deletes all former settings.

When I sell electronic devices that I have used, it is good to restore the factory settings. This is important if devices are linked to accounts having access to personal information.

Often, with less advanced devices, resetting and restoring factory settings are pretty much the same thing. But they’re very different from more complex devices.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Reset a Bose Speaker


Why would I need to reset my Bose speaker?

Generally, resetting a speaker can help reboot your speaker in cases of performance issues. Also, a reset can clear away undesired settings.


How do I disconnect my voice assistant from my Bose speaker?

Disconnecting Alexa from your Bose speaker must be done on the Alexa app. You must enter the app and remove the speaker from your connected devices. The same must be done for Google Voice Assistant on your Google app. You may also need to remove your speaker from your Bose Muse Account as well.



Ultimately, I have found that knowing how to reset or restore factory settings on your speaker manually is extremely helpful.

So, whether you are selling your speaker, or simply trying to make it work properly again, make sure to learn how to perform these essential functions on your device.

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