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How to Unlock a Samsung Refrigerator — Very Easy!

How to Unlock a Samsung Refrigerator — Very Easy!

As our world becomes rides on into technological advancement, I have noticed that all appliances are becoming ‘smart.’

We now have refrigerators that have control panels and can be used with apps.

Samsung leads out in these appliances, but it is essential to know how to use your Samsung refrigerator.


How to Unlock a Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators typically are unlocked by holding buttons like the door alarm button for 3 seconds or through the app on your phone regardless if it’s the control lock, dispenser lock, or child lock.


Unlocking Your Samsung Fridge

I find it extremely important to know how to lock and unlock each of the three lock settings on your Samsung refrigerator.

Some of these methods are universal, while others depend on the unit.


Automatic Control Lock

The most commonly used lock on a Samsung fridge is the Automatic Control Lock.

This is because this lock is activated automatically to ensure that the settings are not changed on the control panel.

You will understand how important it is to access the control panel on your Samsung refrigerator then.

Luckily, most of the time, the instructions are printed right on the control panel itself.

To unlock your Automatic Control Lock, hold down the door alarm button on the control panel for three seconds.

This will unlock the control panel and let you adjust the settings of the unit.

After it is unlocked, the control panel will stay active until there are 60 seconds of inactivity.

After that, the Automatic Control Lock will reengage by itself.


Dispenser Locks

Now, the dispenser locks are a little more complicated than the control panel lock.

The method of locking the dispensers varies somewhat in Samsung refrigerators.

For Samsung refrigerators with a lock button next to the dispenser icons on the control panel, you can press this button three times within 10 seconds to lock and unlock the dispensers.

The light above the lock button you pressed will light up when if you’ve successfully locked the dispensers.

When you unlock the dispensers with the same process, the light will go out.

Some Samsung Refrigerators are connected to the Samsung Family Hub. With these refrigerators, you must lock them through the app on the panel.

On the panel, you will go to the Fridge Manager app, select Fridge Settings, and then tap the Lock icon next to dispensers.

This will engage the dispenser locks on your unit.

To unlock the dispenser using the panel, you simply enter the Fridge Manager App, go to Fridge Settings, and select the unlock option.


Child Locks

Sometimes it is necessary to lock the whole fridge down and just use it to keep things cold.

Families with small children will love the child lock settings on the Samsung refrigerators.

Usually, this setting is for those families with kids big enough to get into the fridge, but not quite old enough to not make a mess or push buttons for fun.

The child lock prevents access to the control panel and disengages the dispensers. It will protect your fridge settings and make it so a kid can’t spill water through the dispensers.

Most Samsung refrigerators have the same method of activating the Child Lock.

To activate or deactivate the child lock on your Samsung fridge, you hold down the Ice Maker Off button for three seconds.

The unit will produce a slight musical sound when the lock is activated or deactivated to alert you.


Why You Would Want to Lock Your Samsung Refrigerator

Samsung refrigerators come equipped with a control panel that can be accessed to adapt your unit’s settings.

You probably don’t want this control panel to get bumped accidentally or the settings to be unwittingly changed.

That is why Samsung came up with the Automatic Control Lock to lock the control panel when not being used.

Generally, this lock engages after a certain amount of time when the control panel isn’t being used.

Another practical lock on Samsung refrigerators is the Dispenser Lock.

When activated, this lock will prevent anyone from getting ice or water from the fridge.

For families with small children, I know that this is an invaluable setting.

Dispenser locks still leave access to the rest of the control panel other than the dispenser settings.

The last category of lock on a Samsung refrigerator is the Child Lock or Control Lock.

This setting locks the control panel and disables the dispensers. In essence, it childproofs the settings on your refrigerator.

I am sure you can imagine the different advantages each of these locks provides.

What is truly awesome about Samsung refrigerators is that these options are easily set and easily removed.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Unlock a Samsung Refrigerator


What is the difference between the Child Lock and the Dispenser Lock?

While both locks disengage the ice and water dispensers, the child lock also locks the unit’s control panel so the settings cannot be changed.


Why does the Automatic Control Lock automatically engage?

This automatic setting protects your refrigerator settings from being accidentally affected by getting bumped or pressed by a child. To engage the control panel, you must deliberately unlock it and control the settings.



I love that we live in such extraordinary times. The devices and appliances you and I interact with daily are amazing.

Understanding the basics of your Samsung fridge will go a long way in helping you enjoy the convenience of having a ‘smart’ refrigerator.

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