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How to Open a Logitech Mouse — Pro Tips!

How to Open a Logitech Mouse — Pro Tips!

There are many reasons why a consumer may want to open and access the inside of their Logitech computer mouse.

First, you may want to clean dirt and debris from the mouse’s trackball, which is what navigates and controls the workings of the mouse.

Or, you may have an issue with your mouse’s performance when you are trying to troubleshoot.

Whatever the reason, you should know the right way to open and access the mouse in case the need arises, without doing damage to the plastic cover that encases the device.

Do you use an external mouse with your computer system or laptop?

Learn more how to open your device!


How to Open a Logitech Mouse

To open your Logitech mouse, make sure to disconnect the mouse from any components and switch it off. Next, remove the bottom cover of the mouse by sliding it away. Some devices turn clockwise and counterclockwise on the bottom, exposing the trackball compartment and providing access to the inside of the mouse.


How to Open a Logitech Mouse

Therefore, it is important to periodically take out the trackball and wipe it clean of any dust, dirt, or oils that may have accumulated on its surface.

When you want to clean or wipe the trackball, first you must open up the mouse.

There are other reasons as mentioned, why you would open up the mouse and take a closer look at the inside.

First, remove the bottom cover but always make sure that the mouse is switched off and disconnected if it is a corded mouse.

Next, slide out and open the bottom cover to gain access to the inside.


Why Open a Logitech Mouse

So, why would you want to open a mouse? What would be the purpose?

There are a couple of reasons why — the first being sheer curiosity. Have you ever speculated what’s inside the mouse and how it works?

Another reason why you may want to open a Logitech mouse is that you may be trying to troubleshoot an issue or problem that you are experiencing with your mouse.

Since most mouse devices do not have their own battery, it may not be to change the battery — although some wireless types of mice have a battery compartment on the underside of the device that you may want to gain entry to.

Perhaps the most common reason why you would open a mouse is to clean and clear the trackball that is inside.

The trackball resembles the size and shape of a marble — but quite a bit heavier and its role is very important. The trackball is what controls and navigates the mouse.

Issues with the trackball, like dirt, dust, and debris, impact its efficacy and reaction when you use it.

Keeping the trackball dust-free and clean should be a priority if you want your system to operate smoothly and intuitively.

When a trackball is dirty or impaired, the mouse seems to jerk and move abruptly all over the place — the way it behaves can resemble a virus or spyware in some instances.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Open a Logitech Mouse


Where can you find the reset button on a computer mouse?

The reset button is on the bottom or underside of the mouse, typically. It is an oval-shaped button that you should be able to easily access and press, as needed. Make sure to press it for at least a full ten seconds when resetting the system- and give it time after before rebooting.


Does a Logitech mouse have a battery?

Most wireless Logitech mice feature have a battery compartment — or bay — on the underside of the mouse. Slide open the cover to get inside and access the battery compartment. If using a corded mouse, it may utilize the battery power of the USB cord that connects them to the computer system.


Do any kinds of computer mice have a battery?

Typically, a computer mouse gets its power from the USB port that it is connected to or through. Some wireless devices do have an internal mouse. It really depends what mouse type you have and if it uses its own battery.


How do you connect a Bluetooth mouse?

First, you must open the Bluetooth utility options on the computer that you are using the mouse with. Follow the prompts offered when you connect your Bluetooth mouse to the network. Make sure to turn the mouse on, so that the computer can find and recognize this new device.


Why is a Logitech mouse not working?

A low battery is the most common and most likely cause of why a Logitech mouse is not working properly. Another common issue has to do with the USB drivers which may require reinstallation to resolve.


What is the life span of a wireless mouse?

The lifespan of a wireless mouse depends on how prolonged and how frequently you use it. A good mouse usually serves you well for a few years.



Got a Logitech mouse for your computer? Use these tips to easily open and access your mouse.

The reasons for opening a mouse may vary — perhaps you just want to see what is inside — but the process to open it is the same.

Be careful when opening, however, and treat the trackball gingerly — dropping it can impede and impact the functionality of the mouse.

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