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How to Open Samsung Remote — Oh! That Easy!

How to Open Samsung Remote — Oh! That Easy!

If you have an entertainment center – or even a TV, you likely have a remote.

So, do you ever struggle to open your television and media remote control?

You are not alone — a lot of people have difficulty with these sleek, often puzzling devices.

First, these remotes are designed to be smooth and seamless — which makes it hard to even find how to open the back when necessary, such as when you need to change and replace the batteries.


How to Open Samsung Remote?

First, turn the remote over and find where the back cover slides off from the device. It helps to use your thumbs to then slide the backside forward to open a crack on the front side of your TV remote. Take advantage of this gap, grip firmly, and slide the cover off the rest of the way until your remote is fully open.


Opening a Samsung Remote Control

When you are ready to open the Samsung Remote, flip the device over so you look at the back.

This is where you will find the previously mentioned sliding cover that contains the battery compartment.

This hard plastic cover slides downward, and Samsung imprints directional arrows and prompts on the unit to make this process easier for consumers trying to open the compartment to change the remote’s batteries.

Slide the cover down, following the imprinted prompt, until a crack or gap is exposed.

Once you see this opening, it is easy to firmly slide open the cover the rest of the way-gaining full access to the battery compartment inside the device.

There are typically instructions inside this compartment for the user, also, regarding unit compatibility and specs.

To replace the cover, simply put the plastic cover back in position and firmly slide it back in place, upward.


Your Samsung Remote Control

Samsung is a very popular and highly regarded brand of electronic devices, made overseas, but found widely throughout the USA.

Samsung remote control is similar to and used the same as any other remote — however, when in doubt, always refer to the owner’s manual.

If you have lost access to an owner’s manual or manufacturer recommendations for your Samsung device, visit Samsung online to find out more and get the information that you need.

The same basic care tips and handling suggestions apply — treat your electronic devices, including remote controls, with respect and keep them away from hazards, like water.

When it comes to opening the remote, you only do so for prudent reasons, like to change the batteries.

The more often you open the remote, the less secure the sliding cover will be over time.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Open Samsung Remote


How do you program a Samsung remote control?

First, select ‘menu’ on the remote control. Next, choose ‘settings & help’, then press ‘settings.’ Finally, choose ‘remote control’ and ‘program remote’, select the device you’re programming. The on-screen prompts should successfully guide you through the process.


How do you reprogram a universal remote control?

First, clear the memory and basically reset the remote. To do this, hold the numeral ‘1’ button down for a full minute. Wait for at least 10 seconds after releasing the button. Repeat this process a few times to clear the memory and prepare the remote to be reprogrammed anew.


Where can you locate the Samsung TV’s power plug?

The power plug on a Samsung TV is usually located on the bottom-left edge of the back of your unit. It is a three-pronged plug that should be fairly easy to find and easy to access.


Why won’t the Samsung TV turn on?

For an accurate diagnosis, consult the owner’s manual FAQs and troubleshooting guide. If the TV won’t turn on and it is making a clicking noise, it is likely due to faulty capacitors. This is a common and fixable issue with Samsung model TVs. Contact the manufacturer directly for more information.


Why is the remote having issues?

When your components are not working properly, are you sure that it is an issue with the remote control? Often issues with remotes are related to the equipment it’s connected into. Check all your equipment when troubleshooting issues with the remote to pinpoint and resolve the problem.


How do you hook up a DVD player to a Samsung TV?

Use an HDMI cable or a component cable to connect to your Samsung TV a DVD player. Follow what the manufacturer says when installing components to your system.



If you are trying to change the remote control battery, do you struggle with opening your Samsung remote control?

Use these tips and tactics to effectively slide open your remote cover — accessing the inside of the remote.

Never force the cover, as you could crack or break plastic parts that play a role in keeping the cover on snugly and securely.

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