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How to Remove a Macbook Case — Best Guide!

How to Remove a Macbook Case — Best Guide!

MacBook cases are designed to be durable. After all, you want to make sure that your MacBook is protected.

When attempting to put on and take off your MacBook case you can run into a bit of difficulty.

Because of how they fit, to ensure that if you drop your MacBook that it is not damaged by shockwaves, it can be a pretty tight fit.

So how do you remove the case from your MacBook?


How to Remove Your MacBook Case

To remove a hard case on a Macbook start with a corner. Once you get a corner, you easily remove the rest with the assistance of something flat and solid, such as a credit card.


How to Remove a MacBook Hard Case

One of the easiest ways to remove a MacBook hard case is to first open your MacBook.

You want to position your thumbs about an inch away on either side of your touchpad.

Press down firmly and the case will detach enough that you can keep your thumbs under it.

Close your MacBook and then pull the bottom part of your case off.

To remove the top half of your MacBook hard case, one of the easiest methods is with a credit card.

Leaving your MacBook closed, take a credit card and wiggle it under one of the corners at the bottom of your case.

Then slide the credit card along it. Your cover should come off with little to no resistance.

Be sure not to rush the process. If you try to remove the case by simply pulling the corners that you have lifted, you will risk breaking your MacBook case.


How to Remove an In-Case

An in-case is similar to a hard case, but it also has a rubberized or silicone lining, making it harder to remove.

For removing this style of case, I recommend using the corner of a credit card. Take the credit card and wiggle it under the corners of the case.

It may take a little bit of work, but once you manage to get a space in between the case enough to get your fingers under, you can slowly remove it.

Pull along the case and remove both the top and the bottom.


How to Remove Rubber or Silicone Cases

Silicone cases (also referred to as skins) are much easier to remove.

If they are made from a tougher silicone material, with these types of MacBook cases it is a matter of popping the hard corners off with your fingers.

After that, the gel lining easily comes off.

If the case has no hard corners, it is simply a matter of stretching the material.

Once you can get a few fingers under it, you can simply pull the case off from the top and the bottom.


Alternative Cases

As an alternative to hard-to-remove cases, you can opt to have either a sleeve or covers made from a variety of materials.

These can easily unzip or slide off when you need to use your MacBook.

The only downside to this is that if you happen to drop, you hit your MacBook, you won’t have that added layer of protection.


Hard Cases Versus Silicone

When it comes to learning how to remove your MacBook case, you need to know what makes them different.

It’s more than just the case. Hard verse is a case made from a more pliable material.

Hard cases are more difficult to remove. They are designed to be a second shell to your MacBook.

This is extremely useful if you prefer not to carry your MacBook around in an added protective sleeve or case.

If you don’t, you risk scratches and potential cracks.

Some cases have an incase. They have a rubberized interior case and a hard outer shell.

The advantage of this is that your MacBook is protected from dents, scratches, cracks, and shockwaves.

Cases that are made exclusively from gel or silicone provide protection from scratches but are mainly made for shock resistance.

In these types of cases, they still provide protection but are more comparable to sleeves.


Frequently Asked Questions About How to Remove Your MacBook Case


Can you use a knife to remove a MacBook case?

It’s not recommended to use a knife when removing your MacBook cover. Even using a butter knife puts you at risk of chipping corners or causing serious damage to your MacBook screen.


Will using a credit card damage my MacBook?

Using a credit card will not damage your MacBook if you use it to remove the case unless, of course, you’re jamming it into the case with a good deal of force. This method can, however, damage your credit card. You may want to use a card that is expired or, alternatively, use a store rewards card.


Can you use cardboard to help remove your MacBook case?

You can use cardboard to assist in removing your MacBook case. Once you manage to get a corner up, inserting cardboard and sliding it along can easily help pop your MacBook hard case off.


In Conclusion

While MacBook cases can be difficult to remove, they’re not impossible.

The most important part is to not get frustrated while attempting to remove them, you can risk breaking the case or damaging your MacBook.

Using the simple trick of inserting a card or a similar safe object into the corner of the MacBook case once you lift it a little can make removing it simple.

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