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How to Calibrate a Samsung Washer — Super Easy Steps!

How to Calibrate a Samsung Washer — Super Easy Steps!

Everything needs a reset at times — including your Samsung washer.

Calibrating a washer can prevent the shaking or vibrating that these machines sometimes do, and also can prolong the life of your washer.

For a Samsung, there is a digital process to calibrate — which basically entails powering down and powering back up your machine to clear, restore, and reset.

Do you have a Samsung washer? Keep reading to learn more about calibrating your machine!


How to Calibrate a Samsung Washer?

First, remove any clothing or laundry and make sure the power is on. Next, press both the ‘delay end’ and ‘temp’ buttons for 3 seconds. Activate calibration mode by pressing the ‘start’ button — the couple-minute cycle is complete when the digital display reads ‘0’.


Calibration Mode

Samsung washing machines are one of the brands that have a dedicated Calibration Mode programmed and built into the system. This makes it even easier to calibrate, reset, and restore your Samsung’s system effectively.

Always remove anything and everything from the basin or drum of the machine before you attempt to calibrate it.

Now, with the power on, hold the ‘temp’ and ‘delay end’ buttons at the same time for several seconds; you will see a prompt to ‘start/pause’, which you should press and hold to begin the calibration mode.

This calibration turns and rotates the pulsator, and typically lasts around a minute. You will know that the calibration cycle is complete when a ‘0’ appears on the digital display.

You only disconnect power for calibration on a machine that does not have its own inherent calibration mode- more on that next!


No Calibration Mode

So, what do you do if your machine does not have a dedicated calibration mode? Or, what about an older machine that is not digital or electronic at all — how do you recalibrate a manual washer?

It helps to know that calibrating your washing machine is basically resetting the machine.

Therefore, disconnecting the machine from a power source for a few minutes before restoring power — and then opening and closing the washer door several times in succession, can also help to restore functionality.

It is always wise to consult with the owner’s manual for your specific machine for more information on calibrating and resetting the system.

Don’t have a copy of the washer’s manual? Do an online search for the specific brand and model to find one online.


Benefits of Calibrating your Samsung Washer

The prime benefit of routine calibration is an extended life for your Samsung washer. Calibrating and resetting the system from time to time maintains the machine — which may help it live longer.

Calibrating can cut down on the shaking and excessive vibrating during the wash or spin cycles that can be off-putting, noisy, and a little scary.


Frequently Asked Questions about How to Calibrate a Samsung Washer


Why does a washing machine shake violently?

A washer can shake aggressively if it is overloaded or if the laundry has become uneven and ill-balanced inside the drum. Try rebalancing and rearranging the load to see if that helps. If it does not, try calibrating and resetting the system.


How do you stop a washer from shaking?

First, check the load of laundry to make sure it is evenly distributed in the washer drum. Next, is the machine level and on an even surface? This is a common reason for excess shaking during wash cycles. Try calibrating and resetting the machine and avoid overloading your washer.


Should a front load washer shake during the cycle?

Front-load washers can vibrate and shake more than other machines. They spin faster, which creates the potential for more vibration during use.


Why does a front load washer shake?

Front-load washing machines are more prone to vibrate and shake than top-load washers, but don’t worry- these machines have special shock absorbers to buffer and protect from the shaking. If you hear a banging sound and observe shaking, it could be a sign that the shock absorbers are not working.


How do I reset a washing machine?

To reset a digital washing machine, disconnect it from the power source. Give it a minute before plugging it back into the power outlet. Then, open and close the door to the washer several times to reset the system and display.


How do I calibrate a Samsung washer?

To calibrate a Samsung washer, initiate the calibration mode. You will first simultaneously press ‘start’ and ‘pause’ to begin the calibration mode. This only takes around 3 minutes to be complete. It is always prudent to refer to the owner’s manual for your machine to find specific instructions for use.


How do you fix an off balance washer?

If the machine is shaking during use, it could be that the laundry needs to be rearranged and redistributed in the drum of the washer. Stop the cycle by opening the door and repositioning the laundry to make it more balanced and even in the drum. Try removing a few things before resuming the cycle.



Calibrating a washing machine is a lot like resetting electronics. It can help restore functionality and prolong the life of the device.

Consider these tips and techniques to calibrate your Samsung washer and prevent excessive shaking during its cycle.

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