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How to Take Apart PS4 Controller- #1 Best Guide

How to Take Apart PS4 Controller- #1 Best Guide

If you are the owner of a PS4, then you are likely aware that the system and/or the controller have the tendency to experience malfunctions at times.

While the PS4 doesn’t experience any more malfunctions than other systems do, when a problem arises, it can be pretty frustrating if you’re not exactly sure how to fix it.

What do you do if you realize that you need to take apart your PS4 controller?

How to Take Apart PS4 Controller

If you’re wondering how to take apart your PS4 controller, then obviously you have identified a problem that can be fixed by disassembling the controller. In order to take it apart, you need to remove the back plate, disconnect the battery, and remove several screws in the process. It is also important to reassemble the PS4 controller properly once you’re done swapping out parts or otherwise repairing your controller.

How to Take Apart Ps4 Controller?

Reasons to take apart a PS4 controller

There are a few reasons why your PS4 controller might benefit from being taken apart, and the first reason could be if the device has had some type of liquid spilled on it.

Taking it apart could enable the internal parts to dry faster in hopes that it will work again once it’s completely dry.

Another reason why you would take your PS4 controller apart is in order to replace a part that may be damaged. Some gamers disassemble their controllers in order to make cosmetic changes to them.

Regardless of the reason you’ve decided to disassemble your PS4 controller, you shouldn’t allow the process to intimidate you, because once you get started, you will see just how easy it can be to take it apart (and put it back together).

Steps to taking apart your PS4 Dualshock controller

Step 1

  • To remove the backplate, you will need to remove the four screws on the back of the controller. The backplate may be removed when the four screws are removed.
  • Gently squeeze both handle parts on the controller until they come apart.
  • It will be necessary to apply a bit of force to the area below the home button because of the two clips holding the controller together. These clips are very sturdy.
  • Once the bottom has been loosened, you can gently pull the back plate off. You will hear cracking noises, but there is no need to become alarmed, as this is just the sound of the plastic clips being separated.
  • Ensure that you separate the plastic clips very gently because of the ribbon cables that are inside, which are fragile.
  • Once the plastic component has been separated from the back, remove the ribbon cable from the main controller that is connecting the light bar and main board together.

Step 2

  • Disconnect the battery, and there should be another screw underneath the battery that needs to be removed from the main board. Remove the screws.
  • The main board should now be loose, so now you need to push the buttons or analog sticks in order to prompt the board to pop up a bit. At the top of the Dualshock 4 is a ribbon cable that connects to the touch pad. Remove this as the touch pad is connected to the front of the controller. Carefully remove the main board, and your PS4 Dualshock 4 controller will now be in three separate pieces so you can allow it to dry, make repairs, or whatever else you desire to do.

Putting your PS4 Dualshock controller back together

After you’re done doing what was necessary inside your PS4 controller, you will need to reassemble it. It will be just as simple to reassemble as it was to disassemble.

All that you must do is follow the instructions in reverse, and you will soon have your PS4 Dualshock controller reassembled and ready to play.

If you run into any snags, or you get confused, there are many video tutorials that offer step-by-step instructions so you can actually see how to put your controller back together.

You can also find these types of helpful videos for taking apart your controller, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Take Apart Ps4 Controller

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions by PS4 owners who are interested in taking apart their controllers for whatever reason.

Is it possible for me to break my PS4 controller while disassembling or reassembling it?

Unfortunately, if you’re not precise when reassembling your PS4 controller, there is the possibility that you could put it back together incorrectly, rendering it unable to work.

You could always disassemble it again and attempt to put it back together properly, but that can be tedious.

Isn’t it easier to purchase a new PS4 Dualshock controller rather than attempt to fix it?

This is completely dependent on the specific person, as some individuals enjoy taking apart items just to see how they work, so taking apart something to repair might be even more exciting.

Others are easily intimidated when it comes to even the thought of taking something apart, and if a PS4 owner feels this way, then it may very well be best for them to simply buy a new controller.

Should I take apart my PS4 Dualshock controller if I’ve never taken apart anything before?

The PS4 controller isn’t a complicated device to take apart, and even many novices feel comfortable disassembling their controllers in order to swap out parts or allow it to dry if water has spilled on it.

If you get started with removing the back screws and you start to become very nervous, then you can always put the screws back into place and have a friend or a professional do it for you.

You don’t have to be a geek or an expert in order to disassemble your PS4 controller and clean it or fix it without breaking it.

While it does take some patience, some general knowledge (and some confidence,) you can successfully take your controller apart and reassemble it so you can enjoy playing your favorite games again soon.

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