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PS4 Controller Won’t Charge – 7 Best Reasons & Solutions

PS4 Controller Won’t Charge – 7 Best Reasons & Solutions

If you’re a PS4 owner and your controller won’t charge, that can be one of the most frustrating situations you could experience.

Without a charged controller, it’s not impossible to play games on your console, because if you have a keyboard and mouse, there are ways around needing a controller.

However, no one wants to play their PS4 with the mouse and keyboard all the time, because the shock of the controller is one of the aspects of playing games on this system enjoyable.

PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

There are several reasons why your PS4 controller could fail to charge, and the first prospective issue could be that your PS4 controller needs to be reset. Your PS4 controller might also not be charging because the charging cable is faulty or you need new batteries. Here is an overview of 7 possible reasons that your PS4 controller may not be charging, as well as some possible solutions.

Your PS4 controller needs to be reset

Electronic devices, whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet or a PS4 controller, need to be reset from time to time.

Resetting your PS4 controller can fix small internal malfunctions that could render your controller unable to charge. Here are easy instructions for resetting your PS4 controller.

  • Turn your controller over so that the back of it is facing you and locate the small reset button. The reset button is hidden behind the L2 button in a little hole.
  • Place the sharp end of an opened paperclip into the hole, press it down and hold for a few seconds before releasing it.
  • Your controller will then reset, and once it’s done, plug it up into the charger to see if it will charge.
Place the sharp end of an opened paperclip into the hole

Your PS4 controller may need to charge upside down

While it might sound pretty farfetched and ridiculous, sometimes a PS4 controller won’t charge in the normal manner, but if it’s turned upside down, it might charge.

There is no real explanation for why this tactic sometimes works, but if your PS4 controller is not charging normally, it’s certainly worth a try.

PS4 controller won’t charge in the normal manner, but if it’s turned upside down, it might charge

You have a faulty USB cable

As with all cables and chargers, the USB cable that connects your controller to your console in order to charge the controller might be worn or defective.

To check the cable, you can attempt to charge another PS4 controller, if there’s another one available.

If there is only one controller, then you can check the cable using a compatible cell phone, tablet or similar device to see if the cable works.

If another controller or device also fails to charge using the cable, then the USB cable is faulty and needs to be replaced.

To check the cable, you can attempt to charge another PS4 controller

You have a faulty charging port

Again, everything on a gaming console eventually wears out, and if you’ve determined that your charging cable is fine, then the charging port on the controller itself might be faulty.

How else do you know if this is necessary to be replaced? First of all, you need to carefully inspect the charging port to determine if there is any visible damage.

Do you notice signs of damage, or does the charging port wiggle around? If so, then these are definite signs that you need a new charging port.

You also need to see if another PS4 controller can be charged using the cable. If it charges, then you will know that it’s likely that your charging port is faulty.

There is no need to replace the entire controller, as it’s much easier as well as cheaper to simply replace the port.

You can find a new charging port online at various websites, and even locally at gaming and Big Box stores.

You might feel a bit nervous about your ability to change your charging port if you’ve never replaced one before, but all you have to do is visit the official Playstation website for step-by-step instructions on how to replace the charging port and much more.

You need to carefully inspect the charging port in order to determine if there is any visible damage

Your charging port needs to be cleaned

Before replacing what you believe is a faulty charging port, you need to carefully scrutinize the controller, including the charging port, in order to see if there is dirt and debris present.

If so, then this could prevent the charging cable from adequately charging the controller.

Carefully clean your controller, while paying close attention to the charging port area, and, hopefully, this will fix your problem. If not, then you should proceed with replacing the charging port.

Cleaning your PS4 controller

In order to properly clean your dirty PS4 controller, you need a combination of water and rubbing alcohol and a microfiber towel.

Never immerse the controller itself in water, and you should lightly wet the towel with the water and alcohol mixture before blotting the controller clean.

Make sure you get every crevice and crack. You may also need Q-tips, a toothpick, and 100% alcohol to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Combination of water, a microfiber towel, rubbing alcohol, and a toothpick to clean hard-to-reach areas

Your PS4 needs to be power cycled

If you’ve exhausted all the possible reasons that your PS4 controller isn’t charging, and it still won’t cooperate, then as a last-ditch effort before replacing the controller, you should try power cycling your PS4. How do you power cycle this gaming console?

First of all, turn off the console as well as the controller. Once they’re powered off, you need to unplug your console from the wall or power strip and leave it unplugged for at least 20 minutes.

Once the appropriate amount of time has passed, you can plug the unit back up, give it time to boot up and then attempt to charge the controller. Hopefully, it will work.

Power off both the console and the controller

Frequently Asked Questions About PS4 Controller Won’t Charge

Here are the answers to some questions that PS4 gamers frequently ask, and hopefully they can help you, too.

Is it okay to use a compatible cable from a cell phone to charge my PS4 controller?

No, it is not okay to use any other cable to charge your controller, because this could be the reason why your PS4 controller may not be charging.

If you have lost the cable that came with your gaming system, it’s easy to purchase a replacement anywhere gaming systems and supplies are sold.

Is it ever necessary to replace the PS4 controller battery?

The chargeable battery that comes with your PS4 controller sometimes needs to be replaced, because when it’s charged over and over again, it can eventually lose its ability to sustain a charge.

If this is the case, then you need to purchase a new battery for yours. You can purchase a new battery wherever you purchase PS4 accessories and supplies.

There is no need to panic if your PS4 charger won’t charge, because with a few easy troubleshooting steps, you should be able to find the reason why it’s not charging, as well as a reasonable solution to your problem.

As an absolute last resort, you may have to purchase a new controller, as yours could be worn out and beyond repair, especially if it has sustained some damage.

Regardless of how you end up getting your PS4 controller working properly again, hopefully, you won’t have to go to a great deal of trouble to find and fix the problem.

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