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My Xbox One Won’t Turn On? 6 Reasons & Solutions

My Xbox One Won’t Turn On? 6 Reasons & Solutions

If you have an Xbox One and your system won’t turn on, this can be very alarming. However, you shouldn’t panic, as there is likely an easy solution to the problem.

You might wonder what could cause your Xbox One to fail to turn on, and this guide will help you determine 5 possible reasons and solutions.

My Xbox One won`t Turn On?

One main reason that your Xbox One is failing to turn on could be because the power cord has been unplugged without your knowledge. If this is the case, then to resolve the issue, simply plug the power cord into the outlet and turn on the system. Your problem could be due to something different, because if you discover that the Xbox is plugged into the outlet, then it may not power on because of an unplugged HDMI cord.

My Xbox One won`t Turn On
My Xbox One won`t Turn On?

Ensure that your Xbox One is connected to a TV or monitor

Your Xbox One is basically an extremely intelligent computer, and if the system detects that it’s not connected to a television or monitor, then it will not power on when the power button is pressed.

If you’ve already checked the power cord and it’s plugged in, then you need to check the HDMI cable to ensure that the system is connected to a TV or monitor, which hopefully fixes your problem.

Xbox One system detects that it’s not connected to a television or monitor, then it will not power on

Check the outlet that your Xbox One is plugged into

If your Xbox One gaming console still doesn’t come on after ensuring that it’s plugged into the outlet as well as plugged into a device with a visual display and it’s still not coming on,

you need to check the outlet into which it’s plugged. That particular outlet could be faulty.

It’s easy to test the outlet, and all that you must do is plug in another device like a cell phone and charger or a hair dryer, and if those items don’t work either,

then you need to plug your gaming console into another outlet while you have the faulty one serviced by an electrician.

Check the outlet into which it’s plugged

Your motherboard may have failed

If there is no problem with the power source and every other possible issue has been investigated, then your motherboard may have failed.

If you’re pretty tech-savvy and you feel comfortable swapping out the motherboard, then you should do so in order to fix the problem.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable replacing yours, you can either watch a tutorial online, or you can have a professional replace it for you.

Have a Professional Replace Motherboard for you

You may need to check your internal power supply breaker

You may not realize it, but your Xbox One gaming console has a built-in surge protector breaker, and because of this, you should never connect it to an external surge protector.

If you do connect the console to an external surge protector, your gaming console will be unable to reach the full power necessary for optimal performance.

You can reset the internal power supply breaker in 3 easy steps.

  1. Disconnect the console’s power cable.
  2. Wait for approximately 10 seconds.
  3. Re-plug the power cord into the system, then hit the Xbox button on the front.

If the console powers up, the internal power reset has resolved the issue. Should the problem reoccur, repeat the procedure.

Check to be sure your Xbox One controller is working

If you’re attempting to turn on your Xbox One system via the controller yet it continues to fail to come on, you should check your controller.

If it isn’t working, you may need to turn on the Xbox One console manually and then charge the controller, which is likely dead.

Turn on the Xbox One Console manually and then charge the controller

Your Xbox One may have overheated

Your Xbox gaming console has many safety features on it, and if you were playing the system for quite a while before it randomly turned off, then it could have become overheated and it turned off as a safety measure.

Be sure that you don’t have anything covering the vents on your console, as these vents need to be unobstructed, because they enable your system to remain adequately cool so it can continue to work properly.

If there are objects covering the vents, then you must remove them right away. Leave the Xbox for a while so it can adequately cool before attempting to turn it on again.

Once several hours have passed, your system should have had a sufficient amount of time to cool off, so it should turn on.

Xbox One Overheated and It Turned off as Safety Measure

Frequently Asked Questions About My Xbox One won`t Turn On?

Here are the responses to some of the most popular questions Xbox One inquiries and why this gaming system may fail to turn on.

Can I just call the Geek Squad to fix my system if I don’t feel comfortable performing troubleshooting?

It is certainly your right to contact any mobile repair person to come to your home and repair your Xbox One, but oftentimes, the problem that is causing it to malfunction can be so simple that it would be a waste of money to have a professional come out and provide diagnosis and repair.

Will a warranty cover an Xbox One if it won’t come on due to coffee being accidentally spilled on it?

Every warranty is different, and you must look at your warranty details in order to determine this.

Some extended warranty plans have a no-questions-asked warranty program that will enable you to have your system fixed or repaired for free, but all warranties don’t provide such coverage.

Do I need to install a special fan on my Xbox in order to prevent it from overheating?

Your Xbox One system already has its own internal fan that is more than adequate to keep the system cool.

Usually, when these consoles overheat, it’s because something was covering the venting, which prevented the heat from escaping the system. It’s best to keep your Xbox system completely free of any objects on top or near it.

Attempting to turn on your Xbox One and discovering that it won’t power on can be very frustrating and disappointing.

Not only are these gaming consoles expensive, but having them repaired by a professional can be costly, as well.

Hopefully, this guide will help you find an easy solution to your problem so you can resume enjoying your Xbox One without paying to have it professionally repaired.

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